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In Texas Medicare Supplement Plans are currently available offering coverage of the “gaps” in Medicare, and it can get confusing. Are deductibles covered? What about co-pays? Will my doctor accept the plan? We know it’s a lot to take in. That’s why our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to understand about Texas Medicare Supplement insurance. We love Texas and we love Texans. Based here in Austin, we’ve been helping people find the right Texas Medicare Supplement for many years. And even if we don’t have the best solution for you, we’ll steer you in the right direction so you’re not spinning your wheels. Our goal is to simply help people.

Eligibility into a Texas Medicare Supplement

Be Sure To Shop The Rates from Several Companies for your Texas Medicare SupplementFor anyone turning 65 and taking Part B Medicare, as with any state for those living in Texas Medicare Supplement Plans must be issued even if you have pre-existing conditions. There is a period of 6 months from your Part B effective date in which you may apply and no have to go through medical underwriting. This is the very best time to obtain a Texas Medicare Supplement. There are many different companies that offer Medigap Plans in Texas, however they all have the same exact coverage. That makes it very important to have a licensed and experienced Medigap Agent shop the market not only when you turn 65, but year-after-year to make sure you are always paying the least amount possible for your Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

Retiring and Moving to Texas – Medicare Supplement

There is also a guaranteed issue period for people who are over 65 and retiring in Texas and are eligible for Medicare. Anyone over the age of 65  and losing their employer group coverage through no fault of their own may also apply with no medical underwriting. This period is 63 days from the day their previous coverage ends.

Medigap plans have what’s called a “free look” period. During this time you return or cancel any policy you signed up with and have all premiums returned to you, no questions asked. Keep in mind as well that in Texas Medicare Supplement insurance Plans are “guaranteed renewable”.This means the company you receive your policy from must always renew it if you keep paying your monthly premium.

How To Shop for Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance

There are many insurance companies that have Medigap Insurance in Texas. Each company offers the exact same coverage though. For instance a Medicare Supplement Plan F from United of Omaha, is identical coverage to a  Medigap Plan F from AARP. One thing to remember is the monthly rate can and often does vary quite a bit between the two. That is why it is best to have one of our agents shop all the top Texas Medicare Supplement insurance companies year-after-year to help you find the lowest rates!

Currently living in Texas – Medicare Supplement costs too Much?

If you already have a  Texas Medicare Supplement and you have had rate increases you are likely paying too much for your Medigap Coverage. We can easily determine if there is a better rate for the exact same coverage you have now.


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